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Common Symptoms of Airway Obstruction and Treatment Options that can Help
This 30 minute presentation gives an overview in more detail of the symptoms, causes and treatment for under-developed jaws and a compromised airway.

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Common Symptoms of Airway Obstruction and Treatment Options that can Help
Patient Experience:

Hi folks,

Dr. Tanner asked me to send him my Oura ring scores to show the progress that I’ve made in terms of sleep quality over the last 6 months while working with the airway procedures via the Tanner Airway Appliance that Dr Tanner fitted me with.

What you see below is a weekly average over the last 8 weeks, a monthly average over the last 6 months, and what a good day looks like that I had recently.

As you can see, my latest weekly average is 89. Bear in mind that I started with the high 70’s at the beginning of using my Oura ring (and six months into my Tanner Airway Appliance Treatment). The daily and weekly scores go up and down, but there is a positive overall trend upward. My latest monthly score is 89, but what is important is to see the upward trend over 6 months. The last screenshot shows what a good day looks like for me: 89 readiness score, 92 sleep score. The readiness score takes into consideration your sleep score and your activity score, as well as resting heart rate from the night before, Heart rate variability, body temperature, etc. A LOT of data. A 92 sleep score is absolutely a glorious feeling! I’m ruling the world!! (or I think I am haha).

75-84 is “good” in Oura terms. 85-100 is optimal. I can tell you the difference between “good” and “optimal” is unbelievable, and the difference between 85 (which is optimal) and 92 (which is also optimal) is night and day.

The sleep score measures deep sleep, REM sleep, latency, timing, total sleep, and efficiency (how long I’m in bed, how much sleep I actually get).

What I believe this shows is how effective the Tanner Airway Appliance Treatment Program that you guys have is. My life has PROFOUNDLY changed, and here’s how:

1. I feel amazing.
2. I feel euphoric when waking up - before I felt sluggish, tired, depressed, worn out. I don’t think I have ever had good sleep EVER.
3. I routinely fell asleep at the wheel, at work, etc. Now I never feel sleepy during the day.
4. I remember. My memory has returned. I’m learning both Hebrew and Greek languages. A big part of language is vocabulary acquisition, and that involves a lot of hard-core memory work. I can remember so many words (up to 1200 for Greek alone).
5. I can think hard for long periods of time.
6. My diet and food cravings have changed.
7. I’ve lost weight and feel so good.

Final thoughts:

1. The program is what I call a 80-90%-er. Meaning, if someone is not sleeping this is 80-90% of what is needed to correct it.
2. Then, there are the 1%-ers. Like, don’t drink a 6 pack of beer before bed.
Don’t eat late.
Don’t have caffeine after 12pm.
Don’t smoke at night.
Don’t work out late (heart rate goes way up, effecting sleep). I know this - I’ve tracked the effects with my Oura ring and have done many trial and error experiments.
3. Finally: Stress effects sleep. I have a stressful job, but I’m learning to put things into perspective, be mindful, have a sleep routine, and work on not letting people transfer their issues to me, which can be stressful but maybe not the burden I need to bear.

I personally have talked to at least 20 people about this. All have said they have problems sleeping but are resigned to it being “a part of life”. I’m so glad I found this and found Dr. Tanner and all of you wonderful people. You have given me an opportunity to change my life! Which is important to say: you have the program, but I had to change my ways.

May God bless the work of your hands!
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