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Common Symptoms of People with a Compromised Airway
graphic for Common Symptoms of People with a Compromised Airway Grinding and clenching teeth at night
Bedwetting in Children
Waking to go to the Bathroom at Night
Night mares/ Night terrors
Behavior Issues
Unexplained Agitation
Restless Sleep
Heavy Breathing
Mouth Breathing
Hard to Wake up in the morning
Daytime Fatigue
Crowded teeth
Inadequate Spacing Between Baby Teeth
Weak Immune System
“Buck Teeth”
Thumb sucking
Open-Mouth Posture
Under-developed lower jaw
Impacted wisdom teeth
A gummy smile
Exercise-Induced Asthma
Enlarged tonsils and adenoids
Having tonsils and adenoids removed
A Deviated Septum
Difficulty breathing through your nose
Difficulty swallowing
Stopping breathing while sleeping
Sleep Walking
Dry Mouth when waking in the morning
Stop growing at a normal rate
Weight issues
Thyroid issues
Restless Leg Syndrome
Ringing in the ears
Lock Jaw
Frequent colds
Ear infections
Sucking habits
Neck pain
Shoulder pain
Back pain
Forward head posture

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