Self Assessment Quiz

If you score 0 to 2, the possibility of you having moderate to severe sleep apnea can be confidently ruled out.

A score of 3 to 4 is classified as moderate risk.

A score of 5 to 8 is classified as high risk for moderate to severe sleep apnea and is usually covered. Male gender, being overweight and/or having a large neck circumference all significantly increase the risk of serious sleep apnea.


#1. Do you snore loudly and persistently?

#2. Do you wake feeling tired, or feel sleepy during the day?

#3. Have you ever woken choking/gasping, or has anyone ever seen you stop breathing while asleep?

#4. Do you have high blood pressure?

#5. Are you overweight?

#6. Are you over 50?

#7. Do you have a large (not slender) neck size?

#8. Are you a male?


Additional Self-Assessment Questions to Ask Yourself:

  • Do you take naps during the day more than once a year?
  • Have you ever fallen asleep while watching tv?
  • Have you ever felt drowsy while driving?
  • Do you wake feeling tired?
  • Do you rely on caffeine to get you through the day?
  • Pre- or type 2 diabetes?
  • History of acid reflux?
  • Daytime sleepiness / sleepy driving?
  • Weight gain?
  • Waking with a headache?
  • High blood pressure / hypertension?
  • Poor concentration / reduced cognitive function?
  • Any nighttime urination?
  • Teeth grinding / wear on front teeth?
  • Insomnia?
  • Depression / low mood?
  • Reduced libido / erectile dysfunction?
  • TMJ or jaw pain or soreness?
  • Cracking or breaking teeth?
  • Suffer from migraines?

The above signs and symptoms are indicative that you may suffer from sleep-disordered breathing and and obstructive sleep apnea. These conditions may be contributing to your decreased quality of life and tend to worsen over time as your sleep-disordered breathing or sleep apnea progress over time.

By improving your REM and deep sleep cycles, your body will be able to heal, restore, rejuvenate and have a healthier functioning immune system.

The best options for improving sleep and airways are: the CPAP machine, an Oral Sleep Appliance, Surgical Jaw Correction (MMA Surgery) and Airway Orthodontics (Airway Orthodontics two words being a hyperlink to the Airway Orthodontics page) at an Airway Center Office.

For most healthy people, the best way to determine if you have sleep-disordered breathing, upper airway resistance syndrome or obstructive sleep apnea is to schedule a home sleep test with an Airway Center Office. After your home sleep test we will have a consultation with you and review your sleep quality results and discuss recommendations.

Many people benefit from oral appliance therapy.  Airway Center will evaluate your airway using the latest Ecco Pharyngometry technology which will determine your ideal jaw position for an optimal airway.  If no improvements in breathing can be made with an oral appliance we will not recommend this therapy.

A custom oral appliance made using Ecco Pharyngometry will help to support your airway in an optimal position to decrease any disruptions in your breathing during sleep.  This will result in a better quality sleep cycles and more restful sleep.