Your Child’s Health May Depend on Their Teeth

What are the typical reasons why you take your child to the dentist?

If you’re like most parents, trips to the dentist are about your child getting their teeth cleaned, and possibly something more involved like filling cavities or pulling baby teeth. You may also expect for them to need orthodontics, for their adult teeth grow may already be crowding as they grow in. While these different procedures are common and may even be necessary, most overlook a critical possibility - that your child’s teeth may be an indication that their overall health well-being is at grave risk.

If your child experiences disrupted sleep, bed-wetting, a short attention span, or has a notably low tolerance for stress, it may surprise you to know that any of these conditions are the possible result of an issue that, believe it or not, could be resolved by help from a dentist. Indeed, traditional dentistry is overlooking a critical factor in your child’s health that may be causing not just these specific conditions but may be setting up your child for greatly compromised health and functionality moving forward in their life.

We at Airway Center are firm believers in the value of approaching your child’s health through natural dentistry, which means that their teeth aren’t merely meant to be kept clean and healthy, but may be the most direct path toward not only resolving a variety of debilitating symptoms, but also help them to thrive in a way that may otherwise not be possible. Please contact us to discover more about how the Airway Center can help your child with disrupted sleep, bed-wetting, and other problematic conditions.

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