Migraine and TMJ Pain Relief

The upper arch (maxilla bone) is one of the most important bones in the body as it determines the position of the lower jaw, which in turn may affect the airway and the TMJ joints.

When your upper jaw expands during this treatment process, it can effectively realign your lower jaw, helping to relieve TMD pain, improve breathing, stop snoring and eliminate sleep apnea, without surgery.To accomplish this, we provide expansion appliances that are custom fitted to you.  The type of appliance Dr. Tanner recommends will depend on your unique circumstances.  Each person's background, health history, symptoms, and facial development is taken into consideration. Once all the pieces are understood, only then can he provide a treatment plan that best suits your individual needs and concerns.The end result is an expanded upper jaw both towards the front and the sides. The jaw will be able to accommodate all permanent teeth to erupt in the correct position and may include wisdom teeth, if the conditions are right. The lower jaw is able to move forward to occlude into the ideal bite in harmony with the TMJ joints and the facial muscles. The enlarged space allows room for crowded teeth to be aligned, without extraction of any teeth. This ideal space also allows the tongue to position itself correctly against the roof of the mouth, opening up good airways at the back of the throat and inside the nose. The results are an enlarged oral cavity and airway for proper nose breathing day and night.

Our focus is on your health but the bonus is you also get a more attractive smile and profile.

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Imagine a Life Free of Pain.

Do you or your child suffer from any of the following symptoms?
Mouth breathing... Waking in the night... TMJ pain... Clenching... Grinding...
Headaches... Migraines... Moodiness... Day time sleepiness... Sleep apnea...
Underdeveloped lower jaw... Difficulty waking in the morning... Crowded teeth...
Teeth not erupting... Forgetfulness... Lack of concentration...
Dr. Tanner and his team approach each and every patient with a natural dentistry plan for them.
It's not just about your teeth. It's about looking at you as a whole person.
Each aspect of your physical and mental health is a piece of the puzzle.
He understands the importance of finding and understanding each puzzle piece to help you on your
way to optimal health and whole body wellness. He is a trusting partner on your road to recovery.
Dr.Tanner is extensively trained in the specialized field of airway expansion orthodontics.
His goal is to provide the results you desire without the risk of surgery.
His expertise in forward growth treatments helps you to achieve your goal of reducing
and/or completely eliminating your symptoms.
Instead of masking the symptoms or providing only temporary relief, he goes straight to the source of your symptoms.

"I was taking between 4 and 8 Ibuprofen every day and I’m not taking any now." -Bill Cook

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image for Migraine and TMJ Pain Relief
image for Migraine and TMJ Pain Relief
image for Migraine and TMJ Pain Relief
image for Migraine and TMJ Pain Relief

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