Imagine Sleeping Soundly and Waking Fully Refreshed.

Breathing is one of the most vital functions of the human body.
It is well documented that mouth breathing adults are more likely to experience sleep-disordered breathing, fatigue, decreased productivity, and poorer quality of life than those who nasal-breathe.

In children, the harmful effects of mouth breathing are far greater, since it is during these formative years that breathing mode helps to shape the orofacial structures and airways.

Children whose mouth breathing is left untreated for extended periods of time, can set the stage for lifelong respiratory problems.

These resultant craniofacial alterations associated with mouth breathing can significantly aggravate or increase the risk of snoring and obstructive sleep apnea in both children and adults.

There is a lack of awareness regarding the negative impact of airway obstruction via mouth breathing on normal facial growth and physiologic health; and as a result, may be confused for (ADD) and hyperactivity.
According to the National Sleep Foundation, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is linked to a variety of sleep problems.

Children and adults behave differently as a result of sleepiness. Adults usually become sluggish when tired while children tend to overcompensate and speed up. For this reason, sleep deprivation is sometimes confused with ADHD in children. Children may also be moody, emotionally explosive, and /or aggressive as a result of sleepiness.

Mouth breathing can have a tremendous impact on the mental and physical health of children; as it can be associated with the restriction of the lower airways, poor quality of sleep, reduced cognitive functioning, and a lower quality of life.

“My sleep and breathing have already improved so I really feel the benefit already which is rewarding.”

– Katie Guidotti

” I am dreaming more so I am going down into deep sleep, which was almost unheard of for me before. ”

– Kathy Gifford

“So I have been wearing it for a about a week now and I have slept every single night.”

– Tracie Daley

“So we began an expander for her jaw and within a few days of wearing the expander she started to sleep through the night..”

– Jeniffer Janota

” I am sleeping better; I am having just much better quality of life because of this device.”

– Derrek Scanlon

Age 13

  • Patient presents with the following symptoms struggles to breathe during sleep, snoring, wakes unrefreshed, daytime fatigue, easily distracted, neck pain, buzzing in both ears once or twice a week for about one minute duration.
  • Forward head posture is a physiological compensation when airway is
    narrowed by the tongue.

Age 14

  • After 9 months of treatment patient reports sleeping great, no buzzing in
    the ears, waking refreshed , much more energy during the day , able to bike with nasal breathing. Feels much more room for the tongue in her mouth and significantly improved ability to breathe through her nose.