Dr. Tanner thinks about the underlying cause and doesn't over treat.

I’m Dr. Debra Frances. I’m a nature pathic physician, I started out as a registered nurse. Within my profession, I am pretty well known because I have taught at the college and I’ve taught at conferences and so forth. Like many people, I have had many dental experiences but the thing that really impresses me about Dr. Tanner is that he is so beyond holistic. He is very nature pathic he really thinks about the underlying cause of what’s going on and the deeper things that are going on. He doesn’t overtreat, he really listens to the patient and in naturopathy, we have this idea of total akasam. Which is looking at the underlying cause and what he is looking at is why is the person grinding and what’s going on with why the jaw is placed the way it is. Going back to what Weston Price talks about with his work in terms of malnutrition, the chronic malnutrition that we’ve had with the way that we eat. We are not eating whole foods, we are not eating close to nature and over the generations, it has really changed the structure of the jaw. Dr. Tanner is really addressing that and doing therapies to actually begin to shift the jaw so that there’s more room for our tongue, there’s not sleep apnea. Oxygen is essential; we can live without water longer than we can live without oxygen. So many of our health problems we are seeing a lot of times people are being treated with oxygen therapies and that sort of thing. And really if we can just be getting our own oxygen by not having our jaw retracted and blocking our airway then we are so much more ahead of the game. So I’m really impressed with what he is doing. I also feel like as a general dentist he is much more likely to trust the body and to do minimal intervention for the greatest amount of healing which is another basic perceptive nature pathic medicine. So I am very excited about his work, I’ve been very excited to meet him. I have a colleagues whose son is doing remarkably better as a result to Dr. Tanners treatment. So thank you for listening.