He's the only holistic dentist in Southern Oregon who listens and cares.

So I have been looking for a holistic dentist for as long as I’ve lived in the rogue valley which has been since 1987 and I never found anybody. I’ve always got my ears open and Dr. Tanner was mentioned to me by a chiropractor who had come here from a naturopathic clinic and he recommended him highly. I wasn’t real happy with my dentist, he seemed like he was very aggressive and at that point, he wanted to do 2 crowns and 2 fillings in my mouth. One of the crowns I knew was on a tooth that just has decay on the root and the tooth was fine. So I was very hesitant about that. It seemed like ever since I had been with him, every time I would get my teeth examined I would have all this work to be done even though I have really good dental hygiene. So I just wanted something different and he had never given me any answers about how to take care of my teeth or what to do to prevent that. I felt like “Wow there’s got to be something more!” I’m a naturopath so I have a lot of resources so I do a lot. So anyway, I decided to check out Dr. Tanner and he examined my mouth, and instead of 2 crowns and 2 fillings, he did 1 filling and that was it. My teeth feel great. He is much more conservative, he uses no toxins in his clinic, you can talk to him. He’s got great personality, very personable. He loves kids, I know that. I asked him what toothpaste he used and he said “Coconut oil and baking soda.” And I was just like “This is my guy!” And he has answers like I can ask him “Well what about this and what about that?” and he gives me suggestions. He wanted me to add more minerals to my water, so I add liquid minerals to my water. He suggested not eating between meals so I do that. Today we talked about taping your mouth shut at night, there are not too many people you can talk to about that and the benefits of that. So anyway, I highly recommend Dr. Tanner. He’s the only holistic doctor I know of in Southern Oregon who is really holistic, who listens, who cares. He really does care about your teeth, I can tell that. Anyway, thank you.