I chose Dr. Tanner for my family because he's a natural dentist

Hi I’m carol. I chose Dr. Tanner for our family’s dentist because he is a natural dentist. I didn’t want any fluoride or things like that so that’s why we initially came to Dr. Tanner. I had a lot of deep pockets; you know when they poke the little thing in your mouth and read all the numbers. I had bad numbers like 6s and 7s and Dr. Tanner was starting to get worried. So, I use a product called Tooth and Gum Formula from Dr. Richard Schultz American Botanical pharmacy. Dr. Tanner was pretty blown away today and he started doing the little numbers and he was like 2, 2, 3, 3, 2 and I’m like “They’re all 2’s and 3’s oh my gosh that’s pretty cool.” So, I had only like one 5 and a couple 4s so it was a pretty dramatic change after using the Tooth and Gum. It’s just a tincture in a bottle and I put 4 droppers in a water pick twice a day. If I can make my pockets go down you can too!