I feel so hopeful for my son and his overall health!

My name is Matt and I just finished my first evaluation, consultation with Dr.Tanner. My son is 8 years old and he has been struggling with breathing, basically and crowded teeth. He has some over-lapping teeth. He has struggled with allergies a lot and mouth breathing. I was referred to Dr.Tanner by a friend. The importance of mouth breathing has been on my radar for a little while, having learned about it through an alternative health podcast that I listen to. I feel so excited about this and I’ve learned a lot. Dr. Tanner is incredibly friendly, I just feel so hopeful for my son and his overall health. That is my genuine sentiment right now. I did learn some very specific things about the human stress response and the heart rate and how the tongue affects that in the mouth, how that affects behavioral issues. We saw a lot of before and after pictures of children, young adults, and adults with breathing issues and behavioral issues, health issues, and how all of that in large respect were completely reversed by widening the jaw, making room for the tongue, and opening the airway. So I am really, really excited and I would encourage anybody to at least learn more about this if they’re curious and if they have mouth issues or if they know anybody that does. Check it out!