I have slept every single night...

Hi my name is Tracie Daley and this is my testimony. I have been struggling with sleep apnea for about 25 years. I didn’t realize what was causing it and I knew that I clenched my teeth at night, and I wake up with headaches all the time. I have a headache all day long because I seem to clench my teeth when I stress. It’s just been an ongoing thing and I had just been frustrated for a long time. I sat down last Thursday with Dr. Tanner and kind of told him what was going on with me. He said I want to try something, and he made me a splint. So I put it on it was fine and comfortable and he said I want you to wear it for 24 hours a day and I was like “oh my gosh” but it ended up being great it was fine. The first night I went to sleep I woke up, well I didn’t wake up, my husband woke me up and I had slept the entire night. I can get really emotional; so I have been wearing it for a about a week now and I have slept every single night. I haven’t gotten up even to go to the restroom; I haven’t woken up. I do have a problem now wanting to get out of bed. Anyway, I love it, it’s wonderful I haven’t had a headache. That’s my testimony
Tracey Daly
Medford Oregon