If you are afraid and need a friend, Dr. Tanner's office is a friend.

I am so happy to have found Dr. Tanner's office. I have had very-a lot of dental trauma starting from when I was a kid. My baby teeth didn’t fall out and I had to have each of them broken out and taken out of my mouth from the get-go. I have just had a rough time feeling like I was just a paycheck and coming in Dr. Tanner's office has been very heartwarming. Here they feel like real people caring about what is going on in your life they are here to help. It makes it easier to have a little bit of pain for the full benefits of how I feel now. Like I am coming in today to have a tooth pulled and I am smiling and excited instead of crying in fear and nervousness because they have a lot of love here at this office. And anyone should come here if you’re afraid and need a friend. Dr. Tanner's office is a friend!