If you have any issues with your jaw or mouth I definitely recommend Dr. Tanner.

Hi, I am Sister Johnson. I woke up one morning and I just could not open my mouth and it sucked. There was just so much pain in my jaw and I could not figure out what was happening. So, I called a guy that someone recommended to me. He told me to ice it and eat soft foods, so I did that for a while, but nothing was improving. So, I started asking around more people to see if they knew of anyone that could help me out and I was recommended to Dr. Tanner's office. I came in and he was so nice, and he helped me out a lot. He gave me a little retainer type thingy; I do not even know what it is called but I put it in my mouth, and he had me wear it for a week. I really did not want to, but I decided to listen to him, and it was a good idea. Since then the pain has lessened a lot. My jaw does not hurt as much, I can open my mouth further, and I can eat normal foods again. It has been super nice. So, if you have any issues with your jaw or mouth, I definitely recommend Dr. Tanner he is awesome. He is accommodating, he is nice, and he knows what he is talking about. I have been super blessed and my mouth and jaw; they are still healing, but I know that it has been a lot better.