It’s been such a blessing to have a dentist that I can trust.

Hi, my name is Christina and I’m happy to be a patient of Dr. Tanners.  I first was introduced to Dr. Tanner the day after Christmas, last year in 2019, when I was having excruciating pain that I have never experienced. It was in one of my teeth that I had just gotten a filling in a couple weeks prior with my old dentist. The pain was so unbearable I was just on my knees and I didn’t know what to do. I started the day after Christmas because I thought no one is going to answer on Christmas but the day after I just started calling numbers. Sure enough, Dr. Tanner answered and I was so shocked and pleasantly surprised that he answered himself and was so quick to welcome me in that day. I came in that day and he was able to take care of it. It’s been such a blessing to have a dentist that I can trust, a dentist that’s really been there for me by text, by phone, making sure that I’m ok. My husband felt like he could trust him too. My husband is from Nigeria, growing up totally afraid of the dentist never went. So, we both just got a really good feeling when we came here. I’m just thankful we have him now and I’m not gonna leave. I wish I would’ve had him all my years growing up. I’ve had terrible experiences at the dentist. As a kid most of my teeth didn’t fall out by themselves so they were all pulled. I’ve had tons of cavities, root canal, just a bunch that’s gone on. I just never felt like I could trust that dentist that I’ve been at except for the one when I was a kid. It’s kind of made me leery of just the whole process and I felt like some dentists are just quick to want to sell me a new filling or whatever the case may be. But not here and that’s what I really appreciate. Sometimes I wonder, should I just get it. I don’t know. But I just feel like he’s very thoughtful and he’s considerate of my personal health. He’s willing to be patient with me. He’s real good, especially at giving the shots. I’ve been amazed it doesn’t hurt at all. I’ve had really good experiences. I would recommend anyone come here especially if you’re kind of nervous or you’ve had bad experiences. I think you can really trust him and I think that his intentions are pure and he’s really trying to help people. That’s how it’s made me feel. Even with my kids, he’s trying to make them feel real comfortable as toddlers. He’s let them just interact with him really well and given them the opportunity to feel comfortable too. Today I just got a cavity taken care of and a broken filling. I’m just thankful to be here now and I feel like I’m in a good spot as I move forward in the future. I hope that everyone else can feel comfortable with their dentist. If you don’t have one, this is the one to go to. I’m really thankful to be here.