No more night terrors since starting. It's a life saver for us!

Well we first knew that Kacey was going to need some sort of mouth work when he was born. Honestly, we had trouble nursing, he had to have a lip and tongue tie revised and we knew he had a high palate. So we started looking at different braces options. I had been looking into this for multiple years. Then we moved to Southern Oregon and found Nathan Tanner just over the hill in Medford and started talking to him when our son was about 5 and took probably another 4 years for me to really decide to do it. That was because we started having night terrors. I knew his breathing at night was getting worse, I could hear him breathing through his mouth and a little bit of apnea, stopping breathing and taking a big breath when he was sleeping and then the night terrors started. It was terrifying. I started doing some reading, of course you google everything and found that really the most likely cause was lack of oxygen. So I decided now is the time. We have to make this transition and we got in with Dr. Tanner and within 2 weeks of having the appliance in his mouth and expanding his mouth the breathing at night went normal. He started breathing through his nose no gasping no night terrors at all since starting this and we’ve seen a real growth in his jaw. So, it’s kind of a life savor for us. Even just the little night terror piece because like I said it terrifying to see your child go through something like that.