Three different types of health practitioners told me, “Go see Dr. Tanner!”

“Hi, my name is Kippy and I am thrilled to just be starting my procedure of airway orthodontics with Dr. Tanner. I’m here because when I was 24 I was told I would need surgery where they would break my jaw and they would put in a metal thing and then the jaw would grow back, they would stretch the jaw out and I would need to drink through a straw for two weeks to recover. This was all because I have an extremely recessed class II jaw which two dentists told me is the most recessed class II jaw they have ever seen, one being a dentist who was about 74 that people came all over new England to see in Vermont. So, I have been told by many dentists to get this procedure and whenever I tuned in meditating I got “no”. And then I got Lyme disease in 2003 and now it’s 2020. I healed it naturally but I’ve been having one heck of a time healing the ruckus it caused. About a number of months ago I was lying in bed realizing that my tongue was totally blocking my jaw and it was hard to breathe. I was thinking this is really serious. How is this affecting me when I’m sleeping? Of course, out of the blue, three different types of health practitioners told me, “Go see Dr. Tanner.” It happened so fast that three totally different practitioners said this and they were so excited to send me here. When I came here I learned that I have had undiagnosed sleep apnea my entire life. I’m 58 and it’s 2020. It was amazing that
I didn’t know and I wasn’t a snorer so I didn’t know. The fact that I haven’t been getting oxygen for a huge amount of my 24hour cycle is pretty serious. I am really excited to start this. I just know that my healing from Lyme will accelerate prolifically. I have heard incredible things about this treatment from so many practitioners who told me about so many friends and clients who have benefited from this. It’s a happy office. It’s really fun coming here."
Kippy Phelps