Can Dr. Tanner Help with Sleep, Headaches and TMJ?

graphic for Can Dr. Tanner Help with Sleep, Headaches and TMJ? Airway expansion orthodontics is a natural orthodontic practice - so it takes into account more than just the size of the airway. The big picture. From early youth to the ageless youth.

The video below is a prime example of naturally working with the patient. This happy Mom tells about her son's experience with Dr. Tanner. Her son had severe crowding, chronic congestion, and misaligned teeth. After treatment, his teeth are aligned, he is breathing and sleeping better, he has no chronic congestion—all without having any teeth pulled.

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Airway expansion orthodontics was the right choice for my son!
"I am Katie and my son, Gavin, is 10. When we started, he had chronic congestion and his canine teeth had come in right up through his gums. They weren’t down aligned with his teeth and now he is breathing better, he is not congested, he is sleeping better and his teeth are almost in incredibly beautiful alignment. He still has a little ways to go, but I am really impressed by the whole process and how gentle it has been on Gavin. And how we didn’t have to pull any teeth like we were advised by other providers and just the care has been really wonderful. Wonderfully personal and gentle and respectful and I feel like its really laying a foundation for Gavin to have healthy oral cavity, healthy oral habits and just maintain his wellness as he grows into adolescence and adult."

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